Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I connect?

To apply for the KEYCom connection, you can either:
•   fill in the special application form at our website on the contact page. Our sales manager will contact you within three hours during the working hours to discuss all details of your connection;
•   make a phone call on (727) 325 88 88

2. How long time connection will take?

To get a connection three steps will be applied: application registration, technical feasibility test and signing the contract. Assembling of the connection is carried out within five days after application registration if your building has already been connected to the KEYCom network.

3. How can I contact KEYCom with questions?

To contact us with questions, you can either:
•   send a letter via the website on the Contacts page;
•   phone a Call Center on (727) 325 88 88;
•   send a letter to our e-mail: info@keycom.com.kz

4. How much does it cost to change the Internet tariff and what shall I do to change it?


The service of changing the Internet tariff allows you to choose an optimal tariff plan according to your needs and budget. Today, this service is free of charge.
To change your tariff plan, you need to submit an application to our company. Legal entities need to provide an official letter asking to change a tariff plan signed by the CEO and certified with a stamp.